Utsav – Celebration or Festival


We have started this LGBTQ+  & Independent Film Festival for cinema lovers. This film festival will be a celebration of creativity and ideas.


LGBTQ+ cinema globally as well as in India has become an important part of the film industry. OTT platforms have increased the reach of these films to a larger audience. Of course, these avenues are mostly for mainstream cinema and filmmakers. There are a lot of independent film makers who also have interesting stories to present. We hope that this festival will be a platform for these independent film makers and their wonderful stories.


Each film has various components – story, script, cinematography, editing, sound, music, acting – to name a few.In this festival, we wish to acknowledge all aspects of film making and creativity. Thus, we hope that film makers will be encouraged to submit their work to showcase any or all aspects of their creativity.


Not all film makers, particularly independent filmmakers, and students, have the luxury of large budgets and wonderful locations for filming. We appreciate these limitations and would like to provide a platform to these filmmakers. We would encourage first time filmmakers who would like to present their work to submit to the festival.


It is also important to learn from each other’s experiences. During the festival, we hope to have panel discussions with filmmakers, writers, editors, sound engineers, cinematographers, musicians, and audience as well. This healthy exchange will enrich the experience.